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TLC - Meant To Be


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This goes out to forever
Through sunshine or the rainiest weather
And no matter what it will always be us together

I said if I got nothing else
I got memories of what we felt
I sit alone laughing to myself
Sometimes, about it
Those silly reasons we would fight
No matter who was wrong or right
We were always there
Sharing this love, sharing this life

Cause we knew, said we always knew
No matter what would've come
That we were
Meant to be

And it ain't going to be easy
And no matter what baby we're meant to be
And we ain't never know where
We were always meant to be
Meant to be

And though it will get dark sometimes we know
Everyone now and then it's got to rain
But when that rain starts to pound
All you gotta do is turn around
And you'll find me right there
Holding you up, holding you down

From the moment we met
Meant to be
Through the sorrow, through the stress
Meant to be through life and through death
Hey we've built a love that nothing can test
Meant to be

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